How to gain muscle without fat

How to gain muscle without fat

A set of muscle mass is a very laborious and lengthy process. To build strong muscles, you need thousands of hours of exercise in the gym and in the kitchen. It is necessary to sleep 8 hours a day and strictly follow the diet. For a set of muscle mass, especially if you are an ectomorph, you need to invest in yourself a huge amount of resources. However, despite this, very often dry muscle can not be recruited and beginner bodybuilders are not muscular, but fat mass.

What is anabolism?

Anabolism is a process of growth. And the growth is not only your muscles, but also your fat. In order to start the process of anabolism, several factors are necessary in varying degrees of individual significance, but without excess calories in your diet, you basically can not start the process of anabolism and will be either in a stable state (not gaining or losing weight) or in catabolism ( Will start to lose weight). At the same time, if you do not have a lot of calories, then these calories will not be stored in fat, but if your body constantly consumes more than it needs to maintain vital functions and a set of muscle mass, then along with muscle anabolism you will have Anabolism fat. And the greater the unreasonable excess of calories, the more this fat anabolism will be noticeable on your body.

Is anabolism compatible with catabolism?

If anabolism is a growth process, then catabolism is a process of destruction. Catabolism, like anabolism, destroys not only your fat, but also muscles. And catabolism and anabolism are two opposite processes. You can not move both back and forth simultaneously, in the same way you will not be able to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle mass. Therefore, people with excess weight, coming to the gym with the hope to simultaneously lose weight and gain muscle, amuse themselves with unrealizable illusions, as catabolism with anabolism can not be combined, and, therefore, gaining weight and drying at the same time is simply unrealistic.

Can you build muscle and not get fat?

As we have already understood, it is impossible to build up muscles and “drive away” fat at the same time. However, is it possible to start the process of anabolism only on muscles, without disturbing your fat deposits? Most likely, it is possible. Full people do not have impressive power data, even considering that they eat a lot, and the process of anabolism in the fat plan is fast. If the fatty gets to gain fat without gaining muscle, then the muscles should also have muscle growth without increasing the amount of visible fat deposits. How to do it under normal conditions? Only by long experiments on yourself. For example, with 4000 calories you are typing both muscle and fat. In this case, you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed until you notice that the amount of fat on your body has increased. Only in this case you will be able to build muscle without fat. This requires a great desire and iron self-control.

How to gain muscle without fat?

Well, if you do not have a great desire and iron self-control? Then, probably, bodybuilding does not suit you. You better do something that you prefer. Ballroom dances, for example. But seriously, in that case there is a way out. You can eat even without excess calories, but at the same time you will build muscle mass without affecting the amount of fat in your body. To do this, you need a very high level of testosterone. Why do girls and babies have no muscle growth, like men? Because there is no major male sex hormone, which is responsible for muscle growth. No testosterone. He has men and this allows us to gain muscle. However, it is not at all high due to genetic and many other factors. What to do in this case? Get testosterone from the outside. Artificial testosterone. We are talking about anabolic steroids, which strongly affect the growth of muscles. If your manipulations with nutrition, as we discussed above, did not pass, the only option that allows you to build muscle mass without fat, is the reception of anabolic steroids. However, you should think three times before taking steroids. Yes, their damage is greatly exaggerated, but it’s not a matter of harm, it’s that you, most likely, are not a professional and do not know how to correctly design courses. In this case, you, of course, will get a “dry” mass, but a month after stopping the reception of steroids, you “merge” 90-95% of the recruited. Admission of steroids is really effective in the case of a “dry” muscle mass, but in the hands of a newbie, steroids can only bring harm.


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