Special training for the feet

Special training for the feet

It’s different with legs. To rock your legs, this means only, to work on your feet during the training, neither back, nor chest, only legs. This is due to the fact that the legs do not pass what we do, for example, on the back. So we add a lot of weight to the back due to a little repeated training, then for the legs, this method does not fit at all, it requires a lot of repetition. And so with everything, with rest between training for recovery, intervals between sets in the process of one training, in general, with everything.

The number one task is an excellent aerobic form

So as not to blush and not puff in the middle of the set, so that your heart does not jump out of your chest, and you were able to complete both the squats and the complex on your feet to the end, you have to be in good aerobic shape. The body you yourself will do without aerobics, legs – never. So, train your heart first to get to the training of your feet. And remember, your legs and heart work together, you can not pump your feet with a weak heart.

Squats – the best that is, but not for everyone

Indeed, the squats are rightly considered to be the exercise that maximally works for the legs, because all the muscles of the legs participate. But this exercise is good only with real weight. So it is better for beginners not to go right away. First, make yourself a back and train the calves to take a good weight and do the work on the development of the musculature. In the meantime, you are waiting for presses with your feet and gak squats. But no indulgence for yourself, accustom yourself to hard work on your legs, at the limit of strength and will.

Download the will! Shake the legs

Sometimes you need to finish your legs perfectly. So we organize a shake for your feet after the fifth, or fourth training on your feet. The recipe is this: in the weighting machine, add the weights, pancakes 6 to 25 kilograms by feet, and do it only cleanly, technically repeating 40. Then add the weight and perform 30 repetitions. And again add pancake – and go out for 20 repetitions. And more weight – and in the finals of 10 repetitions! Yes, leaving the hall will be difficult, but it is worth it.

Do not limit yourself in time

Train your legs in no hurry, give your feet time, more than an hour for sure. Do not forget about the cardio block, so in total you go out for an hour and a half of training. And attention! Once a week – it’s not enough for the legs. Give your legs every fourth or fifth day in your schedule.


  1. Squatting:

Do 8-10 repetitions in 6 or 7 approaches. And do not forget about 2 warm-up sets.

In order to take the bar, sit under the bar of the bar and straighten the body already with the bar. A step back, the neck should be on your trapezoid (do not put it on the base of the neck!). Starting position, standing, feet shoulder width apart.

From here we make a slow squat, the lower, the better, if you did not have injuries. Just do not stay in this position, but rise too slowly.

The secret is that the squat below the parallel will give the right load to the biceps of your hip and buttocks. Dare!

  1. Hack ups:

Do 10 replicates in 4 sets.

At the start we stand under the stops and press closer to the back of the simulator. Legs on the width of the shoulders, closer to the edge of the platform, the socks are diluted.

When doing the exercise, we squeeze ourselves upward, straightening our legs. Then, we fall into the squat before the parallel, only slowly.

If you can, squat do deep, but in any case do not tear off the back and the pelvis from the simulator. If you can not work deeper without losing equipment, it’s a bell that your bicep hip is inelastic. Work in this direction, develop elasticity.

  1. Leg extension:

Do 12-15 repetitions in 4 sets.

Sit down in the simulator, adjust the position: just under your knees should be the edge of the seat in the simulator. Hold on to the hilt and straighten the legs, also slowly. It is advisable in the upper position to pull back the quadriceps muscles for greater effect, then return to the starting position.

By the way the masses of the quadriceps this exercise will not give, so that a lot of weight is not needed here. But, nevertheless, the exercises should be clear, run slowly, and in the top position make sure to stop. If you do it right, lactic acid will be released so much, it will burn so that it does not seem too small.

  1. Disasters:

Do 10-15 repetitions in 4 sets.

Take the same position as when doing squats, the bar on the trapeze, just take a step forward with one foot. This will be the starting position. We make a squat, bending the knee of the front leg, the hind leg straight. Do not swing the body, otherwise during the exit from the triceps there is a risk of injuring the knee.

Watch your counter in the squat, the knee should not go beyond the toe of the foot. In the squats, the knee and leg should form a right angle, if there is an acute angle – trauma is inevitable. Do everything technically clean.


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