Sports Intelligence

Sports Intelligence

Athletes who have achieved real results in our sport, with confidence argue that bodybuilding is an intellectual sport.

Everything that you do in the hall must be carried out, first of all, with the mind. For example, you came to the hall once again, and there is no power and desire to do anything from you, simply, no. What then? Do you reduce the weight in the exercises? Or decide that you have a cold? Or maybe you suspect the first signs of training? Or maybe one of you just wilts on this matter by hand, deciding that the body did not have time to recover, and will train through the sleeves ?! And if on the contrary ?! Imagine that at the training you have energy hitting the edge? In that case, do you perform a couple of extra approaches or repetitions ?! Or ask yourself the question “is it worth it?”

For help! The coach must know the right answers!

The unequivocal answer of the trainer to the asked question is not worth it. At the training we can work out strength and endurance, but the restoration of the body is purely individual, depends on your body, and training here will not help. Therefore, if in a good mood you do more, then the body will take more time to recover. And so you will leave the training schedule, since you do not have enough time for rest. What is fraught with consequences. So, it’s not worth the risk, especially since one training will not significantly affect your muscles.

But it was the coach’s answer, and if it does not, who should stop you from rash actions and unnecessary repetitions? You yourself! You must develop, so-called, instinctive (intuitive) intelligence. That will allow you to refuse and from unnecessary repetitions, as from a plate of delicious food, when you are already full.

Many green athletes think that athletes come up with a sequence of exercises in training already in the process. But this is not so. Our sport requires a strict plan and system to achieve results. Training year at the athlete is strictly painted, so as a result in the training process to achieve muscle mass. Therefore, only a steady adherence to the plan is the way to the result.

We gain experience

Intuitive intelligence is always the result of experience and development of skills. Through trial and error, you learn to make the right choice of training that suits you. Keep a diary, it will greatly simplify the task.

In the training diary, record the number of sets and repetitions, the weight with which you work, the rest during the training, the duration of training, and, of course, the mood before and after training. In addition, weigh and every two weeks record the results. You can also highlight the page of the daily diet, where you will record the number of meals, its components. So check the effect of additives and tune in the correct diet.

With the unaccustomed, you can be burdened by such planning and keeping a diary. But for those who want a result, such a simple way will help to develop a system of both training and lifestyle.

All your results depend only on you

Yes, bodybuilding is a guarantee of weight and muscle growth, but efficiency depends entirely on you. You yourself should organize your training schedule, the training and rest system after, yes, after all, your whole life. After all, stress, and turmoil in the family, at work, have their influence.

That is why, sports psychologists say that only those who managed to develop sports intelligence are successful. It is your sports intelligence, the ability to analyze, draw conclusions, building your own trainings on this, will lead you to the intended goal.

And you can not do without a diary, because you need to draw conclusions from something, painstakingly identifying changes and taking informed decisions. How many those who do not pay due attention to this issue, do not make notes, and do not draw conclusions, trample on the spot both in mass and in force, and do not seek an exit.

Use your intellect, choose a training system, strictly follow it for a month two, three, determine the state of your body, identify patterns. This is an invaluable experience! So you will learn how to rest after the training and appreciate the rest as much as training on your sports way. And it’s archival! Learn to rest properly!

Turn on the brain!

In your first year of training, you have to study yourself and your body in detail during the training. When you realize how things work in your case, success is guaranteed to you.

So you will not be shaman in the hall, look at the stars and come up with training, so you will know exactly what your body needs at the training.

You have your own way!

Choose the right mode of training! Train on the split program, sharing the training of muscle groups by days, keep a diary, watch. This will help you determine which muscle is genetically strong. Accordingly, starting a split is exactly with a strong muscle, then intelligently aligning the program. At the weekend – deserved rest.

Teach the light!

Once again, start with a small, diary. Recruit experience daily, conceptualize your regime and set goals before reaching them. Illumination will overtake you, and who knows, maybe, you, will take an honorable place next to Schwarzenegger and other stars.


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