Two centimeters per day! Let’s add to your hands!

Two centimeters per day! Let’s add to your hands!

Once the familiar bodybuilders told about an interesting experiment, as a result of which, as they assured me then, they increased their hands by two centimeters irrevocably and permanently in just one day of training. They said that they conducted the training hellishly, they swayed for nine hours. I can not say that I did not believe, and I did not want to add centimeters to my hands in just one day. But nine o’clock seemed and now seems too long and abnormal training.
Time passed, the history was forgotten, the desire remained, but I did not try anything. And now, just now, I learned about another training, already designed for five hours (which immediately aroused interest), and with a guaranteed increase in the amount of hands.
You can think, like I did then, that all this is a divorce and nothing more than that hours, weeks, months, really years of training take centimeters, and that in our sport one training never solved anything. And you can take it for yourself and check it yourself.

Give two centimeters to the hands!

To begin with, we’ll allocate ourselves free, five hours for training. We will train hands every twenty minutes at intervals to rest. In an hour there should be three trainings. We will work with dumbbells, a bar, prepare also a gymnastic bench.

The first training session, the first twenty minutes on a training and recreation.
Let’s start with the bending of the arms with the bar in position, standing, because this is the best thing for working on the biceps. We perform three sets of eight replicates.
In the same training includes extensions due to the head with EZ-rod, also in three approaches and eight repetitions. In this exercise, you can replace the EZ-bar, and perform extension with dumbbells because of the head. Exercise is performed from the position, sitting on the bench.
On average, the first complex should take nine minutes, which means that until the next exercise, there will be eleven minutes to rest.
Consider, between the exercises in the complex, we do not rest, a maximum of a minute and a half. And do not prolong your rest, otherwise you will break out of the schedule and do not have time to rest to the next complex. Let’s go further!

The second training session, the second twenty minutes for training and recreation.
Exercises of the second complex, we will perform in a smaller number of approaches, namely two sets, but twelve repetitions.
The first exercise – the alternate bending of dumbbells in a sitting position.
The second exercise is the extension of two hands in the slope.
Do exercises on the biceps and triceps, clearly, not filonte, do not cheating, tune to work and then there will be a result!

The third exercise, the last twenty minutes, one hour for training and recreation.
Let’s start with the risings with the barbell, six repetitions and just one approach. The technique of doing this exercise assumes that the repetition must be clearly performed on 12 accounts, six scores on the upward climb, and six downwards. Do not forget that between the exercises in training, rest is not more than 90 seconds.
The next exercise is doing the French press, lying down, and watching the immobility of the elbows. The technique of execution is for 12 accounts, the number of approaches is 1, the number of repetitions is 6, as in the first exercise in this complex.

In five hours you have to get out 60 sets!

An important point – weight! For the cleanliness of technology, you must take the optimal weight for such a lethal training day. It is advisable to start with a weight less than, with your usual workouts. Of course, at the end of the five-hour training you will get tired, but keep the weight and do not do everything swinging!

And then there will be two surprise the next day! The first one is pleasant, plus two centimeters, and in a relaxed state. The second one is less pleasant, most likely you will not unbend your hands until the evening. And for a week, do not hold any training on your hands.

How is this possible ?!

Science does not yet have a clear and unequivocal answer to this question. It is believed that such a heavy training can lead to a bifurcation of the muscle fiber, which, subsequently, thickens and gives volume. Although there is no evidence of this theory. And cellular growth last for months or more.
It is possible that such a load gives such a strong stress to the cells that the biochemical processes in them begin to go differently than under normal normal training conditions. And when we again return to the usual conditions of training, the volume remains. In any case, after such stress, let the body have a week’s rest.

Work in conditions of this lethal and stressful training not more often than once in three months.

And a bonus!

Diet for you on a day of heavy training on your hands. In five hours you need to make five meals.
In the first and second meals, we absorb the banana, chicken breast and boiled rice.
For the third meal, a banana and four chicken eggs (hard boiled).
In the fourth method – 150 grams of homemade cottage cheese, you can add berries.
The fifth meal: oatmeal cookies (6 pieces) and 40 grams of whey protein on milk.


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