How to pump the biceps on a horizontal bar

How to pump the biceps on a horizontal bar

Basic exercises to pump the biceps is the tightening of the projectile on the public-horizontal bar. The advantages of the horizontal bar is not just its accessibility, but also efficiency. Pulling involves how different groups back and shoulder muscles, and target muscles – the biceps and brachioradialis.

The key point in the pumping biceps via horizontal bar regularity and is considered a serious approach to training. For a decent result will not be enough dozen climbs on the bar a week. Only by performing a comprehensive program with a number of approaches, repetitions and rest intervals, you can achieve the desired effect.

To quickly see progress, you need to perform the exercises correctly. The result is that you need to understand how to pump up your biceps at the bar, in order to maximize the effectiveness of training.

Program biceps training on a horizontal bar in the UK


Swing the biceps on the bar just enough as the projectile many have at home, and it is available for everyone in the courts, school playgrounds and parks. The main thing is to comply with regularity and perseverance. To build muscle in a week it will be impossible to achieve the goal will take several months.


The program targeted training of the biceps using the horizontal bar consists of the following exercises:

1. Pulling narrow reverse grip. Initial position:

  • hung on the bar with the palms facing behind (reverse grip) arms disposed as close to each other;
  • back arched, shoulders lowered and laid back, head straight;
  • legs slightly bent and crossed each other.


Pulling, should be kept on the top of the blade and lifting point touch turnstile chest muscles.

Mandatory in the exercise will be the number of sets and reps. One should start from the level of complexity that is appropriate to the individual muscle capabilities in each case. Over time you can increase the repetition rate up to 10-12, with three or four sets. Also do not forget about the rest between sets, during which shall be not less than one minute.


2. Pulling reverse grip with hands shoulder-width apart. In the rest position changing only the distance between the hands – reverse grip at the level of shoulder width. Should climb as high as possible, trying to have a chin of the crossbar.


3. Pulling the direct grip of the head. In this exercise, the reverse is not used, and a straight grip. The distance between the hands – more than shoulder width. In the initial position also changes the position of the back – the deflection should not be.


Perform ascent is very difficult for the head, and newcomers usually exercise this option is not appropriate.


Before you catch up by the head, you need to properly stretch and warm up the shoulder joints. Then slowly and smoothly implement the rise, setting the stage for a head shot off. Head with the back of his head should touch the horizontal bar. Such a variation of lifting loads, not only biceps, but also around the muscles of the back, shoulders and chest muscles. In the case of pulling his head the number of repetitions and approaches reduced. Repeat the rise can be 5-6 times, with two or three sets.

4. Frequent lifting reverse grip. Hands shoulder-width apart, blades reduced. During the exercise, it is necessary to carry out frequent ups on the bar to the middle of the amplitude at a rapid pace.

For a training program with a horizontal bar, you can connect a set of pull-ups alternating with dips. One of the options to go with a horizontal bar, and bars with an emphasis on the biceps is described as follows:

Key recommendations to training on a horizontal bar in the UK


Through exercise properly and regularly, the biceps muscle mass will increase rapidly. However, this would require a lot of perseverance. Training should not be less than three in a week, with a gradual increase in the number of sets and repetitions.


To program activities on the bar gave the maximum effect, you must consider the following:

  • lifting body need exercise directly the power of muscles, without jerks;
  • during the exercise, do not be shaken;
  • better maintain the smooth range of motion;
  • you need to warm up before exercise;
  • breathe during the occupation need to correct – the rise of inspiratory, while relaxing – exhale;
  • it is not necessary to train every day, for the growth of muscle requires a recovery period;
  • you can create a training program with an individual choice of load;
  • proper nutrition, combined with exercise will quickly achieve results;
  • it is also possible to use special additives in the form of protein and fat loss, which will accelerate the formation of muscle.

Answering the question of how to pump up your biceps on the bar in the first place is to focus on regularity. Only persistence, combined with the active pursuit of the goal, will give the best training effect. And of course, it must be remembered about the technique – if the lift is on the bar right bicep growth will not take long.

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