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Healthy Eating

Regardless of whether you set yourself high goals sports or just want to lose a few extra kilos, nutrition is very important during exercise. Improperly compiled diet can greatly reduce the effectiveness of any exercise. On the contrary, even if the initial level of training, combining proper nutrition with physical activity, you will get a good result. And it is very important to remain with you for a long time. Proper Healthy Eating in the UK Type of food depends on the [...]

How to pump the biceps on a horizontal bar

Basic exercises to pump the biceps is the tightening of the projectile on the public-horizontal bar. The advantages of the horizontal bar is not just its accessibility, but also efficiency. Pulling involves how different groups back and shoulder muscles, and target muscles – the biceps and brachioradialis. The key point in the pumping biceps via horizontal bar regularity and is considered a serious approach to training. For a decent result will not be enough dozen climbs on the bar a [...]

Running for fat burning. How many calories burns running

Fat – a mandatory component of any organism. He is in the body of each person, but an excess amount of its negative impact on health. Suffering and aesthetics: look ugly folds of fat, forcing people to give up your favorite outfits.And if men are taking it more or less calm, the woman critically consider the figure in the mirror and sigh, “All Tomorrow sit on a diet …” But only one change of diet is not enough. It is [...]

We will work out front and middle deltas.

Press the dumbbells in the sitting position: This is the only exercise that gives a very serious load to the deltas. Exercise polyarticular, so that we will work with a lot of weight. Our goal in performing this exercise is to achieve an increase in the mass of the deltoid muscles. Training can be done in a variety of ways, both a little repetitive and a lot of repetition. Desirable is small Repeated: 6-10 times, not more. Although it is safer for the joints to perform [...]

Two centimeters per day! Let’s add to your hands!

Once the familiar bodybuilders told about an interesting experiment, as a result of which, as they assured me then, they increased their hands by two centimeters irrevocably and permanently in just one day of training. They said that they conducted the training hellishly, they swayed for nine hours. I can not say that I did not believe, and I did not want to add centimeters to my hands in just one day. But nine o’clock seemed and now seems too long and [...]

Sports Intelligence

Athletes who have achieved real results in our sport, with confidence argue that bodybuilding is an intellectual sport. Everything that you do in the hall must be carried out, first of all, with the mind. For example, you came to the hall once again, and there is no power and desire to do anything from you, simply, no. What then? Do you reduce the weight in the exercises? Or decide that you have a cold? Or maybe you suspect the first signs of training? Or maybe [...]

Special training for the feet

It’s different with legs. To rock your legs, this means only, to work on your feet during the training, neither back, nor chest, only legs. This is due to the fact that the legs do not pass what we do, for example, on the back. So we add a lot of weight to the back due to a little repeated training, then for the legs, this method does not fit at all, it requires a lot of repetition. And so with everything, with [...]

Non-pumping pharmacological preparations and their use in sports

Along with steroid pharmacological drugs, non-dumping farming products are widely used in sports, the main purpose of which is to improve the physical performance of athletes, increase their adaptation to high-intensity and psycho-emotional stresses, as well as therapeutic and prophylactic actions on the body. We will analyze these preparations taking into account their classification: Adaptogens Adaptogens – are biologically active substances that increase the body’s resistance to various environmental factors – physical and mental stress, stress, hypoxia, weather conditions, etc. These include the [...]

How to gain muscle without fat

A set of muscle mass is a very laborious and lengthy process. To build strong muscles, you need thousands of hours of exercise in the gym and in the kitchen. It is necessary to sleep 8 hours a day and strictly follow the diet. For a set of muscle mass, especially if you are an ectomorph, you need to invest in yourself a huge amount of resources. However, despite this, very often dry muscle can not be recruited and beginner bodybuilders are not [...]

For your deltoid muscle

The deltoid muscle participates not only in the flexion and extension of the shoulder, but also participates in the removal of the arms to the side, forms the outer contour of the shoulder. With a heat with a heat for readers, we recommend a complex for deltas. But first, a few words about the deltoid muscle. A few words about deltas: In the process of training, you must give, first of all, the result. The muscle by the end of training should literally petrify [...]