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General information about Turinabol Hubei in the UK Turinabol anabolic androgenic steroid chemical name – chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. By its nature close enough to methandrostenolone. Form release Turinabol – tablets. The main difference from the classic “methane” is the presence of an additional chlorine atom at the fourth carbon atom. For the first time the drug was developed Josephamr German pharmaceutical company, in 1961. Also the steroid can be found under the names of Turnover, Turanabol, Turamoth and some others. Turinabol Designed as one of the means range of anabolic and androgenic drugs in East Germany, starting with the 60s of the last century. In those days the Germans had created a group of highly effective steroids, and oral Turinabol was one of them. Produced with the aim of obtaining a mixed version of Oxandrolone and methandrostenolone, which would have sufficient anabolic effect and a low likelihood of negative reactions. Steroid profile Features Turinabol Hubei in the UK Anabolic effect is 180% of your testosterone. Androgenic effects – 50% of testosterone. The conversion rate to estrogen is low. Impact on the axis hypothalamuspituitary – merenneito. Exposure to liver – toxic. Release form – tablets. Duration of action up to 16 hours. The detection period for the doping control – up to 250 days since the last admission. Turinabol steroid profile says about as quite effective for building lean muscle mass with a low likelihood of side effects. Unlike testosterone, which is rarely used alone, the course solo, “Turik” is quite popular, especially among beginners. This is one of the safest anabolic and androgenic steroids. Oral Turinabol in small doses is even used by women. As for competing athletes, the fact of the reception of the AAS can be installed up to 250 days after the cancellation rate (long-lived fat-soluble metabolites). There are special masking agents, but they do not give 100% guarantee. Every professional athlete takes a steroid at your own risk. Effects from taking turinabol Action turyamureeba lean muscle mass. As for how much you can gain, figure 4-6 pounds of quality muscle over a 4-6 week solo course, if you drink in the average turinabol dosages, looks quite realistic. Increase power performance. Stamina increase. The lack of estrogenic reactions. The decrease in the concentration of SHBG is a globulin that binds sex hormones. Increase the level of free testosterone in the blood. Protection of the cardiovascular system (reducing the risk of blood clots in the heart and blood vessels). As mentioned above, the drug can be described as methandrostenolone without delay fluid in the body. The effect of admission Turinabol has deferred action. During the course of the main indicators of progress rather slowly, but they are high quality. Moreover, the reduction in the concentration of globulin that binds sex hormones, significantly increases the effectiveness of other AAS on the course. Professionals in courses on mass, Turinabol is usually used in combination with other steroids. The effects from taking Turinabol Hubei in the UK How to make turinabol The optimal dosage of the steroid was determined in the GDR during the preparation of athletes for the Olympic games. Studies have shown a sufficient effect with minimum risk of side effects with 20-40 milligrams per day. As for how to make turinabol tablets, the daily dosage is divided into three equal doses. Why is it done? First, you balance hormones, avoid peaks and lows, and secondly, significantly reduce the load on the liver. Norms are not always followed, and often bodybuilders increase the volume to 100-150 milligrams per day. The course turinabol soloВ in the UK I must say at once that it is impossible to determine the optimal dosage, not having data on physiological indicators of the sportsman, his experience in the application of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goals and other factors. The first course turinabol is recommended to begin after tests and consultation with a specialist. The optimal dosage of turinabol for inexperienced athletes do not exceed 40 milligrams. As for skiers, boxers, athletes and all those who are focused primarily on endurance, then it is enough to drink and 10-20 milligrams. Course duration is about 6 weeks – this is enough to obtain qualitative results (gain skorotovich performance and increase muscle mass) without any adverse effects. Reviews about first course Turinabol solo talk about it as a safe means to achieve significant progress results. Combined courses Combined corsiglia muscle Turinabol is often combined with testosterone enanthate. In this case, “Turik” taken on 20 milligrams daily and “test” on the 250 milligrams a week. The duration of a blended course is 6 weeks, with the first stop of injection enanthate, a week later – receive Turinabol. In 2012, he invented new methods of detection of steroid. The so-called method of chromatomasspectrometry allows you to “catch” the drug within 250 days after the cancellation of the course. PCT after a course The interaction with other drugs in the UK PKT after the course Turinabol is blockers of oestrogen receptors. For Example, Tamoxifen. The intake of steroid, as a rule, is not accompanied by the use of gonadotropins or antiestrogens. With little dosages and the duration of the course up to 6 weeks, post-cycle therapy often can be neglected. Side effects Because Turinabol is a steroid 17альфаалкиллированным (which prevents destruction of the active substance when passing through the liver), it is toxic. The degree of damage done can be compared to methandrostenolone. In principle, the liver is the main and almost the only real negative reaction. Side effects from Turinabol are rare, and to kill your body this steroid, it is very hard. The most common problem in athletes, completely ignoring the rules which gives instructions for use and advice of a doctor. When exceeding the duration of the course and the dosage may be a significant suppression of the secretion of testosterone, development of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. However, in 5 years of using steroid, controlled trials was found only one case of pronounced side effects. Manufacturers turinabolВ in the UK The steroid is very popular, and made almost all pharmaceutical companies. Probably the most popular brands on the domestic market and, oral steroid, which Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova). As for the “strong” European representative, on the market you can find oral turinabol from Jenapharm (Germany). The price will be higher. You can also select products Lyka Labs, Pharmacom, British Dispensary and British Dragon. The discussion of drugs from most manufacturers you can find on our forum. Reviews about turinabol Buy Turinabol Hubei As for what company has better reviews Turinabol, among the domestic market by a considerable margin leads Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Moldovan manufacturer offers quality steroid at the lowest prices. Given the low cost of the steroid, athletes often perform exercises using the AAS. Description and reviews of Turinabol on the course solo talking about the no side effects with a slow but quality growth skorotovich indicators and muscle mass. Women also often use the steroid, and virtually none of the fair sex does not complain about the occurrence of adverse reactions. Professional athletes celebrate the feasibility of using Turinabol, combined with testosterone enanthate on massonary courses. In conclusion, I would like to say that any pharmacology is unique to each organism, and without practical application to accurately determine the response impossible.

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