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General information about Propionate LAВ® in the UK Testosterone Propionate by Aburaihan Co – broadcast of the male sex hormone testosterone, the main male hormone in the body. This relatively short ether, half-life of 2,448 hours in the same formulation included the work almost immediately. This means that after injection of 100 mg testosterone propionate, elevated hormone level is maintained throughout 2448 hours. In general, the drug has an effect on the body is completely identical to the natural hormone. The main difficulty for you can be part of the schedule of injections, which is based on the speed of the drug. Necessary to perform the injection every other day or every day in order to maintain a constant level of hormone in the blood. If frequent injections are unacceptable to you, we advise you to pay attention to long ester (enanthate, cypionate). Features Propionate LAВ® in the UK Testosterone PropionateВ in the UK Effects of reception The accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength, acceleration of the general recovery of the body between the loads, increase vitality. Increased libido (sex drive). Formation of male secondary sex characteristics: facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, and so on. Accelerate utilization of fatty deposits on the background diet deficient calories The positive effect on the joints and ligaments health (due to fluid retention). Buy Propionate LAВ® Flavoring. How to take Testosterone Propionate by AburayhanВ in the UK How to take Testosterone Testosterone Propionate PropionateOptimalny course of Aburaihan Co it should last 68 weeks. injection frequency should be at least one injection of 48 hours. Assume variant in which injections are performed three times a week, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The interaction with other drugs in the UK Take Testosterone Propionate by Aburayhan be in dosage 3001000 mg / week. If you do not have a long time receiving AAS, for you makes no sense to cross the line in 500 mg / week, because it will lead to increased side effects in the absence of amplification results. Also, be aware that the drug aromatize to estrogen, so the course is necessary to control the estradiol levels in the blood and if it rises, start taking an aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole). More detailed information about the drug regimen and the intricacies of combat side effects you can find in the subject of Testosterone Propionate.

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